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Zante town Zakynthos

Panoramic view of the Zante or Zakynthos town and the port as seen from the Venetian Castle.Zakynthos (Zante) town is located at the base of Bohali hill and is the capital and main harbour of Zakynthos island.

Apart from the official name, it is also called chora (the town in English) which is a common denomination in Greece when the name of the island itself is the same as the name of the principal town.

Zakynthos used to have a particular architecture influenced by the Venetian, English and French conquerors.

After the earthquake of 1953 the elegant mansions and the fine neoclassical buildings gave their place to the new town that in some way has preserved the traditional architecture of the past.

Nowadays, Zakynthos looks like a modern town, a true center that houses all the ingrowing activities of the island. Zante town offers many interesting things to see such as the impressive church of Saint Dionysios, that keeps the corpse of the Saint Patron of the island and the wonderful museums of Post-Byzantine art, Roma’s Mansion, Solomos-Kalvos and Eminent Zakynthians.

Two characteristic squares of the town are the Dionysios Solomos square and the Saint Mark square. The spacious Solomos square is a characteristic example of the effort to preserve the traditional architecture after the earthquake and is dedicated to Greece’s national poet, Dionysios Solomos. The Saint Mark square is dated back to the Venetian period and it is the only one to have a Catholic church on the island.

Another view of the town from the port.Don’t miss to mention the Venetian fortress located just above the town to the Bohali district and the Strani Hill both offering an astonishing view to the sea and the Surroundings.

As far as the food is concerned in Zakynthos town then all the activity is scattered all along the waterfront between Solomos square and the Saint Dionysios church as long as between Solomos square and Saint Mark square.

These areas are full of restaurants and traditional taverns offering a large variety of dishes between the local and International cuisine.

Furthermore Zante bars and Zante cafes magnet the local people and the tourists giving a new note to your night jaunts. It is lovely to stroll along the crowded city streets, but if you want something even more lively then the immense nightlife of Argassi is only 4km away.

Regarding your accommodation in Zakynthos town there is a large variety of big or smaller hotels in reasonable prices. However, it is more difficult to find apartments or studios.

Finally the shopping lovers will find here a shopping paradise. Tourist shops of every sort, clothes shops, jewellery shops, souvenir shops, supermarkets and everything else you may imagine is found in Zakynthos town. Don’t miss the chance to buy the traditional sweets of the island like madolato, pasteli and fitoura.

Zakynthos is connected to all the tourist centers of the island with daily runs. Furthermore there are many places where it is possible to rent a car in Zante or even jeeps, motorbikes, atvs and bicycles to move around the island.

A must for every visitor in Zakynthos town is the ride with the traditional carriage and horses which you can find near Solomo’s square, along the waterfront. Ask for Dennis who will offer you an unforgettable experience with a ride at the picturesque streets of the town.

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