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Panoramic view of the Volimes village in Zakynthos.The picturesque village of Volimes is the largest traditional mountainous village of the island located 32km northwest from the town of Zakynthos.

Volimes is divided into three villages: Ano Volimes (Upper Volimes), Meso Volimes (Midst Volimes) and Kato Volimes (Lower Volimes).

The most important village of Elation municipality, Volimes is famous for its local handcraft and its traditional style offering some of the best sightseeing of Zante island.

Not far from the village about 4km away there is the monastery of St. George and the famous Shipwreck with the blue, crystal waters which can be seen from a platform outside Volimes offering an astonishing view.

Leaving the village one can follow the road that leads to Agios Nikolaos port and take a tour by boat to the Shipwreck. In general Volimes is a traditional destination ideal for relaxing and quiet holidays.

Volimes village is the best spot to start exploring the northern part of the island and offers splendid beaches, little paradises on earth. Start by visiting Agios Nikolaos bay and continue to Xygia beach which is known for its spring of sulphur that turns the water white while spreading a characteristic smell all around and is of therapeutic value.

But the best beach in Volimes village is the Makrys Gialos, maybe the best beach on the island. Sand and pebbles, deep blue crystal waters placed in an ideal scenery of mountains and green where you can enjoy nature, calmness and a wonderful sun. Now doesn’t that make you want to book some cheap flights here today?

Another view of the Volimes village in Zakynthos. Regarding the food in Volimes there are several traditional taverns most of them near the sea and the beaches offering a large variety of local dishes.

Bars, clubs or the intense nightlife of other resorts in Zante are non existent here. Alternatively you can find nice taverns near the sea offering live music.

As far as the accommodation in Volimes is concerned then keep in mind that they keep their traditional style and the local economy is based on agriculture, so tourism infrastructure isn’t developed in the area. However there are quiet villas and traditional houses for rent in reasonable prices, ideal for families.

Finally, in Volimes village you will be amazed by the market of traditional products. Oil, honey, wine, tablecloths, handmade carpets and the Zakynthian ladotyri cheese make the village to distinguish not only in Zakynthos, but all over Greece. It’s easy to find them as the locals sell their own products on stands in front of their houses. Don’t miss the chance to buy these unique products that can add a traditional note to your home.

Volimes is connected to Zakynthos town by bus service with daily runs. However it would be a nice idea to rent a car in Zante or motorbike to explore Volimes’ village at your own pace and discover its unique beauties.

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