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Zakynthos traditional products Zante - Tsoukalas shop in Volimes Zante Zakynthos

Tsoukalas shop in Volimes, Zante Zakynthos. During your stay in Zakynthos Greece, you will absolutely find yourself touring around the mountainous villages of the island.

Following the road that leads to the platform where you can admire the breathtaking view to the famous Shipwreck, you will find the Volimes village.

In the central point of it, there is the Tsoukalas shop of traditional products.

Completely dedicated to Greek and Zakynthian traditional products, this shop is full of little things that worth taking back home in order to remember the Greek island of Zante.

You can buy the delicious Zakynthian "mandolato" or nougat and the pasteli (local sweet made of sesame and honey). But apart from these don't miss the chance to buy some traditional cheese oil, local wine and oil and local honey as well.

In Tsoukalas shop you can also find a large selection of handmade texttiles and tableclothes while the loom carpets offered are of excellent quality. Choose among the variety of souvenir demonstrating the island of Zante and you will always remember us!

Mr. George Tsoukalas, his wife and daughter will always be there to help you find the best.

Please visit our blog and tell us your opinion about our shop, our services, our products and more.

Type: Shop of traditional products

What you can buy...
  • Pasteli (sesame and honey)
  • Nougat
  • Traditional oil cheese
  • Local wine
  • Local oil
  • Local honey
  • Loom carpets
  • Handmade tableclothes
  • Handmade texttiles
  • Green soap
  • Souvernirs
  • From city: 32km
  • From airport: 37km
  • From port: 32km
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- Don't miss the chance to buy local products like oil, cheese and wine.
- All textiles are handmade!
- All carpets are made in the loom and are of excellent quality.

Zante Volimes Zakynthos
Contact Manager: Mr. Tsoukalas George
Phone: +30 6970952419

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Address: Floka Gaitani, Zakynthos
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