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Eating out in Zante Zakynthos, Greece.Eating out in Zakynthos is an adventure. During your holidays in the island tasting the typical dishes of Greece or local traditional dishes is something exceptional. Chinese, Italian, English, Greek you name it, Zante has a restaurant serving their cuisine.

Even fast food restaurants are now added to the traditional taverns where a cheap meal still usually can be had. And what to say about the Greek wines? Nowadays they are becoming noticed internationally and some are very good indeed.

Ouzo and Metaxa? No need to say anything about something as Greek as they are. But let’s have a better look to the Zakynthian Greek cuisine.

Zakynthians are proud of their cuisine. Based on fresh, organic, home grown ingredients is a typical Mediterranean one where meat, olive oil and vegetables are fundamental. A meal in Zante, as all around Greece is highlighted with a selection of starters, hot and cold (referred to as mezedes) which are served in small plates placed in the middle of the table.

Food in Zante Zakynthos. Starters like greek salad, tzatziki, cheese pies and taramosalata.The variety of choices is so rich that there is the risk finishing a meal with the starters. The most known starters are the tzatziki ( yogurt sauce with cucumber and garlic), the melitzanosalata (made of aubergines), the taramosalata (Greek caviar spread), the saganaki (melted cheese), the cheese pies, the kolokithakia (deep fried zucchini), different kinds of meatballs, the vinegary octopus, the kalamarakia (deep fried squid), the list is endless.

As far as salads are concerned they can be ordered as a starter. The most known one is the Greek salad (horiatiki in Greek) which is consisted of tomatoes, green peppers, black olives, onions, cucumber and a slab of feta cheese on the top, all dressed with olive oil and oregano.

Other salads are the chef salad, the tuna salad, the potatoes salad and the lettuce salad. Regarding the cheeses there is a large variety produced in Greece.

The most commonly referred in restaurants are the feta cheese (white semi-soft and salted), the kasseri cheese (yellow semi-soft) and the graviera cheese (hard). Don’t miss the chance though to try the local Zakynthian ladotyri cheese (oiled cheese) which you can find only in Zakynthos island and has got a unique taste.

Meat is the locals favorite dish, so you will find many recipes around the island with the meat as main ingredient. However, don’t miss the chance to try the traditional stuffed chicken in red sauce served with spaghetti or French fries and the Zakynthian beef with red sauce.

Other Greek dishes are the stifado (with onions and red sauce), the moussaka (made of mince meat, aubergines, potatoes and béchamel), the lamb kleftiko (lamb in the clay with feta cheese, vegetables and red sauce) or the papoutsakia (stuffed aubergines with mince meat and béchamel).

Desserts in Zante Zakynthos, Greece. Baklava, Greek coffee, fruit salad, panakota.Fish and seafood are plentiful in the island and usually fresh. From the small alevins to the swordfish, the prawns and the lobsters what usually happens when you walk into a fish tavern in Zakynthos is, after finding a table, you will permitted or encouraged to go to the kitchen to see the daily fresh fish and make your choice.

And because we don’t usually mind about our silhouette when on holidays the perfect end for a meal would be a nice dessert. It is worth tasting the Greek baklava (with walnuts and honey usually served with ice-cream) or the kataifi (with walnuts, honey and cinnamon). Other “sweet” choices are the crème caramel, the Italian panakota, the apple pie with ice-cream or a nice crepe with whipped cream and ice-cream.

However, in the warmer days of the summer, sweets can give way to fresh fruits such as melons, watermelons, grapes, peaches and strawberries.

If none of the above can please you, then why not give a try to the Greek coffee! This coffee is almost a ceremony, as it has to be slowly sipped so that the coffee dregs deposit at the bottom of the cup. The important thing to know when ordering are the words pikros (bitter), metrios (semi-sweet) and glykos (sweet) regarding the amount of sugar.

The Greek Gyros
The delicious Greek pita gyros also known as souvlaki.
One of the most famous and most eaten Greek foods is the souvlaki (or Gyros).

It is usually beef, lamb, or pork meat that is served on round pita bread with lettuce, tomato, onions, french fries and tzatziki. Souvlaki is to Greece what the hamburger is to the US.

There are a lot of grill houses in Zante where you can taste the Greek souvlaki.

Either having it in a grill house or take it away and enjoy it while walking, it’s the best choice for a quick meal. Be careful as souvlaki is highly addictive.

Zante drinking Zakynthos

The Greek wine
Wine drinking in Zakynthos. Try local wines unique in Greece. The ancient Greeks revered wine and worshipped the wine-god Dionysus for his precious gift.

Wine has inspired during the years popular festivals and ceremonies.

Greece has got a long history of 6000 years in wine-making and has allowed the local wines to have a distinct identity.

Due to its microclimatic conditions, the lot of sunshine and low rainfalls for large periods of time each year, Zakynthos island cultivates fine quality of grapes and produces unique varieties of wine.

So if you ever find yourself in a restaurant or tavern in Zante don’t hesitate to ask for local house wine. Don’t think too much about where, when, how or why, just sit back and enjoy it.
Ouzo is always accompanied by a meze. Ouzo is the national Greek drink without a doubt. It’s an anise-flavored liquer with a long history dated back to ancient times.

Modern ouzo distillation though took off in the 19th century with the main production concentrated on the island of Lesvos, maybe the originator of the drink.

As all around Greece, Zakynthos houses lots of ouzeries, café-like establishments that serve ouzo with mezedes which usually consist on delicatessen and cheeses.

Ouzo is usually consumed in the early morning and is thought to be a nice beverage before lunch.
The famous all around the wolrd Greek Metaxa. Another Greek drink known worldwide for its quality, color and taste. Metaxa was invented in 1888 in the region of Attica, the province of Athens by Spiros Metaxas.

It is thought to be a brandy, but actually it is something more. You can find it in three versions: the three stars, the five stars and the seven stars, where each star represents a year that Metaxa has been in oak barrels.

You can have Metaxa after a good meal in a fine restaurant, in cafes or even bars. If you haven’t tried it yet it is a must for every visitor in Greece.

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